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The short answer

Physical paintings start at $75

Since each request is individually custom-made, exact pricing will vary by artist

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What goes into the pricing?

painting of puppy
Size & Material

A larger canvas size results in a higher price because:
- cost of a larger canvas
- greater amount of paint required to fill the canvas
- more time it takes to complete a large canvas


The more subjects (such as the number of people in a painting) are requested, the more time is required for the artist to complete the painting, which results in a higher cost

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Artist Experience

Requiren artists are top-rated, independent professionals, so you can be sure you get what you pay for - a high quality painting beautifully created with your happiness in mind

100% Satisfaction

With our satisfaction guarantee, rest easy while your masterpiece is being created

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We Support Artists

Unfortunately, many of our competitors exploit overseas labor in factories with rows & rows of artists

By choosing Requiren, you are supporting a community of friendly & talented artists

Matthew Andersen

Houston, Texas

Donna Rollins

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Vartan Ter-Avanesyan

Astoria, New York

Testimonial Image

I've always wanted a custom painting of Butter and it's so amazing ❤️


Portland, Oregon

The first time I used Requiren was for our 15th year anniversary - I got our old wedding photo turned into a gorgeous drawing. We absolutely love it!

Janice D.

Miami, Florida
Testimonial Image

I just want to give a great big thank you for helping to get a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork made for me. The process was fun and made a great gift for my mom on Mother's day. She loved it! I would encourage anyone looking for a unique gift to give this a try and if not for someone else maybe for themselves. Thanks again.

 Nathan C.

Seattle, Washington
Testimonial Image

My wife loves it!! Five stars!! Thank you!!!


Beaumont, Texas
Testimonial Image

I love the painting almost as much as I love my puppy

Drew A.

Chicago, Illinois

I love my rescue dogs...when I found out about Requiren, I knew I had to get them painted - so AMAZING!!

Alex S.

Augusta, Maine

This was seriously the best thing I could have gotten my sister. Like, wow, I can't believe how great it turned out. Five stars.

John A.

Phoenix, Arizona

Requiren: your artist did a wonderful creating a scenic picture of a place that is so special to me. Thank you!

Savannah J.

New York City, New York

After my father's passing, I honored his memory by getting him drawn. The artist did an amazing job.

Samantha R.

Chicago, Illinois

My portrait of my beautiful daughter was absolutely STUNNING!

Karen M.

Pasadena, California

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