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Answer a few questions, upload images, & describe what you need painted

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We instantly match you with the right artists so you can compare by price & style

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What artwork can I request or commission on Requiren?

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Portraits of People
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Landscapes & Still-life
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Portraits of Pets & Animals
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House "Portraits"
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Vehicles, Items, and More

The Process


After you submit your order, the artist you selected reviews your request and will be in touch to begin painting your soon-to-be masterpiece!

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Drying & Finish

After your painting is finished, the artist begins the preparation process to ensure your painting arrives in great condition and does not decay over the decades & centuries.


The artist begins packaging. In many instances, the art comes in a pre-stretched canvas so it is ready to hang.
Signature is often required for UPS/FedEx delivery.

How long does it take?

On average, it takes 7 days for an artist to complete a custom art request

Note the larger & more complex a request, the longer it takes

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the Requiren Guarantee

We Are Here for You

unique artwork

Truly Unique

Talented artists carefully review your request and delicately craft a special one-of-a-kind masterpiece

all artwork

All Art

Portrait, landscape, or abstract? Human, puppy, or zombie? You imagine it, our artists bring it to life

top talent

Top Talent

Requiren has pro artists with thousands of hours of experience so you get a masterpiece each time

save time

Save Time

Submit a request within minutes - no more aimlessly searching 1-by-1 for the right artist

7 day support

7 Day Support

Questions or comments? We are here to happily assist 7 days a week so you are 100% satisfied

simple and easy

Simple & Easy

Easy-to-use process:
describe what you want, get matched with artists, and pick your favorite!

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My artist was amazing! I was looking for a meaningful gift to give to my wife and this was the most perfect thing I could have done

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questions? we've got answers

What is Requiren?

Requiren.com is a two-sided marketplace connecting thoughtful consumers looking for custom paintings with professional & independent artists from around the world. 

Who are the artists?

Requiren artists are top-rated artists from around the world, primarily in the United States.
To join, all artists are required to submit an application for review. To protect all customers, each artist is  vetted so you can have confidence in working with any one of our artists!

Since customers have different requests and budgets, Requiren brings in artists from different price points, specialities, focuses, and backgrounds.

How much does a painting cost?

Since our artists are independent and fairly name their own pricing, the cost of a painting varies by artist, size, and complexity (such as the number of subjects in the painting).

To see actual pricing, Start a Request and compare artists by price.

For more info on Requiren's cost, see Pricing

How long will it take for my art to be finished & shipped?

Each painting is hand-made from scratch, so the timeline varies by your actual request and the artist you choose.

For example, requesting a massive painting with great detail (such as 12 people with a complex background) takes a longer time, as compared to a small or medium-sized portrait of a puppy.
On average, it takes take 7 days for a painting to be completed.

We recommend placing an order as early as possible - especially during holidays as our artists may get backlogged with orders!

Can I communicate with the artist?


After you place an order, your contact information is exchanged with your artist in order to message freely. Our artists are very friendly, and will provide updates & checkins throughout the process.

Can I request a painting containing nudity?

Yes; however, all requests containing nudity must be sent individually to our team (write to support@requiren.com with the subject line "Art Request Containing Nudity") and our team will work with you on assigning an artist.

Please do not request a painting containing nudity through the regular Request Form, as some artists do not wish to receive nude requests.

What if I don't like the painting when it arrives?

If the painting is incomplete, lost, or damaged, you will receive a full refund.

In other instances, such as not liking the painting, our team manually reviews each submission on a case-by-case basis to determine the best and fair outcome.

Due to the subjective nature of art, please keep in mind that simply not liking the artists style is not a good reason get a refund. When comparing artists, we highly recommend looking at their profiles to see past examples of work. In other words, choose an artist you like.

What if I have another question?

Contact us: support@requiren.com

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