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A short & guide on how to commission a painting or drawing

While other sites take shortcuts using digital manipulations and cheap material, Requiren artists always use top-notch, traditional techniques and materials

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How It Works

pick the right artist in under 5 minutes

Start a Request

Answer a few questions, upload images, & describe what you need painted

Start a request

See Your Matches

Be instantly matched with the best artists for the job and compare by price

Pick a Favorite

Choose a favorite so your soon-to-be masterpiece can be painted & shipped!

How Long Does It Take?

It varies by artist - but on average - about 1 week

We put you in contact with the artist after you submit a request, so they will communicate with you throughout the process and directly answer your questions

1: Submit a request

It takes only a few minutes to submit a request. Simply upload your image(s), describe what you want, and answer a few questions

You can be as specific as you want, or let artists inspire you with their own ideas

Start request

2: Compare Artists

After submitting your request, our algorithm instantly determines which artists are best-suited for the job you need done. Easily view & compare your Matched Artists.

Our talented artists have many years of experience

3: Pick Your Favorite

When you see the artist you like, you can commission then and they will immediately be notified to begin your painting!

Each painting is made just for you. Then, our artists carefully wrap, package, and ship the painting directly to you

satisfaction guaranteed

You're in good hands

Truly Unique

Talented artists carefully review your request and delicately craft a special one-of-a-kind masterpiece

All Art

Portrait, landscape, or abstract? Human, puppy, or zombie? You imagine it, our artists bring it to life

Top Talent

Requiren has pro artists with thousands of hours of experience so you get a masterpiece each time

Save Time

Submit a request within minutes - no more aimlessly searching 1-by-1 for the right artist

7 Day Support

Questions or comments? We are here to happily assist 7 days a week so you are 100% satisfied

Simple & Easy

Easy-to-use process:
describe what you want, get matched with artists, and pick your favorite!

our promise:

You'll love it

Commissioning art is a timeless practice guaranteed to "WOW" everyone in the room


How much does it cost?

It varies by several factors like type, size, subject, but on average - about $100 - $200 for something like a portrait

For more info, we recommend reading our short article:
"How much does it cost to commission art?"

Number of subjects

The more subjects (people, animals, objects, etc.) included in a painting, the more is required for the artist to complete, thus resulting in a higher cost


The more detailed and complex a painting is requested to be, the more time it will take the artist, which usually increases the cost of the painting


Generally, the more experienced an artist is, the more he or she may charge for his or her work

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