about us

connecting thoughtful consumers with artists

What we envision

Revive the human touch

In today's mass-produced & cold marketplace, we strive to revive human connections by delivering hand-made products - one at a time - by a real person for a real person

Support artists

We help our community of professional & independent artists earn a living by delivering quality commissions directly to them. We pay our artists more than any other platform.

Create amazing experiences

Although a custom portrait is forever, our lives are not - so we work hard to deliver an amazing experience through artwork that celebrates your most cherished moments.

behind the scenes

Our Passionate Team

Tammy Dion

Chief Growth Officer

Roni Polus

Chief Technology Officer

Omar Lozoya

Chief Engineering Officer

Israel Lozoya

Chief Design Officer

Adam Tokar

Chief Development Officer

Rei Llazani

Chief Executive Officer

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